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Investigating was a great way to discover the deeper reasons I chose to concentrate on “Sound Healing”. This topic is important to me because I realized that the youth of today are not taking proper care of their psychological and emotional well-being. I remember feeling unworthy and unwanted as a teenager. I was exposed to music, and it wasn’t until I thought about my personal project that I noticed. Music has brought me joy and purpose and I wanted the world to see that. Music helps you understand yourself. I wanted to make music accessible to youth. I strive to make people happy and joyous.

GoalMy goal was sound healing. I wanted to learn more about sound and its properties. Also, how this can affect your thoughts and emotions. To be able to play music correctly and create a booklet. I wanted to create a 30 minute composition that reflected my perception of healing music. This booklet contained information about the healing powers of music. This was a challenging goal as I was going to investigate something that I did not know existed. However, I was confident that I would be able find more information than I thought. I needed to learn how to notate music. This skill required years of training and exceptional musical knowledge. It was important to set a realistic goal that could be reached in a specified time frame. I needed to set realistic goals that would not cause me any major problems in the long-term. I created a goal that aligned with my interests. It always fascinated me how much work is involved in creating music for a stringed instrument or for a whole orchestra. I had always wanted music notation and never had the opportunity to study it. I saw the personal project as a chance to actually put away some of my personal time and focus on music notating.Global ContextIdentities and RelationshipsAccording to the IB this global context focuses on exploring identities; beliefs and values; personal, mental, social and spiritual health; human relationships including families, friends, communities and cultures; what it means to be human. I can break down this global context and see it as a way to discover and understand who you are, how your environment affects you, and how your relationships with others. This global context is what I choose because I am more interested self-realisation, acceptance, and have begun my journey to learn about myself. I accept and acknowledge that I am human. The global context helps to broaden the definition of human beings. My personal project journey revealed more about how music can be used to ease emotional pain.

My goal is in close relation to this global context. I have done research on music’s ability to restore or find who you really are. My research clearly showed that people are not alone. Music can help restore you to the inner circle of humanity. My booklet clearly demonstrates how a person can be connected to her environment. I also illustrated how one’s environment can play a role in healing.

Prior KnowledgeI learned about sound healing through my research when I first became interested in music therapy back in 2016. Music therapy is… I found out that music therapy was a westernized healing method using music. Sound healing, on the other hand, is more traditional and easternized. I wanted more to emphasize the traditional side of healing through music. This is easier and also cheaper. My personal journey began with the realization that sound healing, a nonverbal type of healing, uses sound to manipulate emotions and thoughts. Sound healing activates a part of the brain, which helps to identify the root cause and suggest solutions. Music is an integral part of our daily lives. It’s how we react to it that makes music so important. (Humming, singing along, or dancing to the music). My research has shown me that sound healing goes beyond just using sound to heal. It’s healing that restores your inner self. I’ve learned about the different ways that different instruments can be used to effect sound healing. It was amazing to discover how the various instruments affect different parts of our bodies and how this can contribute to healing. My research has led me to the brain, where I discovered the mechanism of sound healing. Research has allowed me to discover the deeper meaning of sound healing.

ResearchI used a variety of sources to do my research. A book gave me insight into the topic I selected. To gain a deeper understanding of the topic, I read articles that looked at similar topics to mys. I watched videos about sound healing in various situations. I’m a huge fan of TED talks, so I watched a TED talk to gain insight into the life and choices of Robert Gupta. I kept track by using stop and write, which allows me to make notes and ask questions. I also use CRAAP testing to confirm the source’s reliability. I was able to use reliable sources with the Stop and Jot and CRAAP testing.


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