EduClips: How DeVos’s Civil Rights Policy Affected Shutdown Of Texas Schools’ Probe; AZ Teacher Walkout Scheduled For Thursday — And More Must-Reads From America’s 15 Biggest School Districts

EduClips: How DeVos’s Civil Rights Policy Affected Shutdown of Texas Schools’ Probe; AZ Teacher Walkout Scheduled for Thursday — and More Must-Reads From America’s 15 Biggest School Districts

EduClips is a collection of the latest educational news stories from some of the largest school districts in the United States, where over 4 million students attend classes every day across eight states. You can catch up on previous editions of EduClips here. Stay up-to-date with the latest school and policy news by subscribing to the TopSheet Education Newsletter and receive it directly to your inbox.

Top Story

ARIZONA STRIKE – Last week, Arizona teachers voted in favor of going on strike this Thursday, joining the rank of states that have recently seen teacher protests demanding better pay. The state’s union and the organizers of a Facebook group, where teachers have been sharing their views, announced the results at a joint press conference in Phoenix. The protest received support from 78 percent of the teachers who participated in the vote.

The teachers are advocating for a 20 percent increase in their salaries and higher funding for education in the state, which has not yet recovered from the recession. (Source: The Wall Street Journal)

National News

NATIONAL WALKOUT – As students stage another national walkout to address the issue of gun violence, they are also considering the long-term sustainability of the movement. Some students are delaying their college plans to further participate in this movement and focus on getting out the vote. (Source:

TEACHER DEBT – Teachers are expressing their frustration and anger over grants being converted into loans, burdening them further with debt. (Source: NPR)

MILITARY FAMILIES – Congress is exploring ways to offer school choice to military children without causing any disruption to Impact Aid, a program that provides funding to schools that serve military families. (Source: Politics K-12)

TEACHER OF THE YEAR – The 2018 Teacher of the Year aims to create an environment where her refugee students feel wanted and loved, and where all students and teachers have the opportunity to connect. (Source:

ALABAMA – The Alabama Board has selected the leader of the Superintendents’ Group as the next State Chief. (Source: Education Week)

District and State News

TEXAS – The Trump administration’s scaled-back efforts on civil rights are demonstrated by the shutdown of a Texas schools probe. (Source: ProPublica)

NEW YORK – Thousands of school employees in New York were reportedly attacked or threatened by students last year. (Source: The New York Post)

TEXAS – A Texas school has issued an apology for asking students to list the "positive aspects" of slavery. (Source: USA Today)

FLORIDA – No action has been taken to address Hillsborough’s substitute teacher problem, despite it being unresolved for several months. (Source: The Tampa Bay Times)

NEW YORK – The City Council in New York is proposing a $100 million budget allocation for the installation of security cameras in all schools. (Source: The New York Post)

NEVADA – A North Las Vegas school has requested that special education students stay home, raising concerns and questions. (Source: WTKR)

CALIFORNIA – Wealthy advocates of charter schools are actively investing money into the gubernatorial race in California, influencing education policies and debates. (Source: Santa Cruz Sentinel)

NEVADA – An opinion piece argues that Nevada must find the solutions to its education problems from within the state. (Source: Las Vegas Sun)

CALIFORNIA – LA School Report will collaborate with California children’s organizations to organize a gubernatorial forum on education, equity, and juvenile justice. (Source:

Think Pieces

CHARTER SCHOOLS – A deeper analysis of the data on charter school suspensions reveals varying perspectives on whether charter schools suspend students more frequently. (Source: Chalkbeat)

OKLAHOMA TEACHER STRIKE – The Oklahoma teacher walkout, which began with good intentions, is now being questioned as to why it didn’t achieve the desired outcomes. (Source:

4-DAY SCHOOL WEEK – The implementation of a 4-day school week is being introduced in various cities and suburbs, sparking debate and discussion. (Source: Governing)

TEACHER RETIREMENT – Over a million teachers are unable to rely on Social Security as part of their retirement income, resulting in financial challenges for them after their careers in education. (Source: NPR)

SCHOOL SAFETY – Student voices highlight the broader impact of the youth movement, which extends beyond addressing gun violence. (Source: The Hechinger Report)

Quote of the Day

"For the kids who are being ticketed, arrested, suspended, or expelled – who are predominantly black – it sends a message that they don’t belong in our public schools, which is truly a tragedy. The students who witness these actions against their peers internalize harmful messages about what it means to be treated this way. This is how implicit biases are formed and reinforced." – Deborah Fowler, executive director of Texas Appleseed, a social justice advocacy group. (Source: ProPublica)

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