Super Size Me: How Fast Food Is Killing Us

Morgan Superlock began a 30-day experiment. Morgan Superlock was only allowed to eat McDonald’s for the duration of this experiment. This included all meals, including breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Even though it may seem easy, constant consumption of fast food for this long time can have a huge impact on your health. Fast food isn’t only bad for your health, it’s also harmful to your brain.

Morgan Spurlock’s health experiment is featured in Super Size Me. He documents his 30 days of eating only McDonald’s for 30 days. The results of Spurlock’s McDiet experiment were amazing to document. Spurlock is both surprised and disgusted at the impact of fast food on his life, as well the adverse effects it has on others. It encourages poor nutrition to make a profit. Spurlock creates the documentary to address obesity in the country. Spurlock was first referred to numerous doctors and nutritionists before the film began. All the doctors agree that Spurlock, a 6-foot-2 man who is 185 lbs and measures 6’2, is healthy. They do predict some side effects, like significant weight gain, but nothing that could be dangerous.

These are the rules for conducting the test. McDonald’s must provide all three meals as well as the food. Each McDonald’s menu item must be consumed at least once during the 30 days. He should always order the largest meals available to him, and he should take any alternative offered to him.

Spurlock walked a mere 5,000 steps daily which is more than what the average citizen of the United States gets. Spurlock gained 9.5 pounds in 5 days. starts to feel slow and moody. He weighed in at 210 lbs. His previous weight was 185 lbs. He had gained more than 25 lbs in the past 30 days.

His girlfriend, a vegan cook, claimed that Spurlock had been very lethargic throughout the experiment and had a very low level of sex drive. Spurlock completed the 30-day experiment. Spurlock’s physical condition dramatically declined after the experiment was completed by a team of nutritionists and doctors.

It was 14 months before he lost 25 pounds. This was shortly after he started his detox. He had lost 25 lbs in a month. It is briefly mentioned at the end that McDonald’s has stopped making supersized food products since the film was released. McDonald’s launched a happier, healthier Ronald McDonald in an effort to address the epidemic. Even though fast food companies claim to be offering healthier options, their products are slowly killing people.


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